Impressions (Hunter)

Today I have left was very interesting to see so many people. I even saw people who looked like they were from Tibet. So many races, Creed’s, cultures and ethnicity. It is truly larger than I thought. Staring out of the airport I actually got to understand just how vast this world is. And how much the world needs Christ. Today an Asian man who worked at the hotel was telling me about refugees from Uganda at the hotel. He told me I was going the wrong way! And at first it was discouraged but instantly I was reminded of my servitude to his commission. And how this is exactly what he wants from me. I only pray that he will shield me from sin and allow I to teach his word and prosper in my spirit of which he has to offer. So that I may be able to meditate on his word. How great is he that I may serve him. The father who loves me is so  my father in Heaven. Praise be his name!


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