Letter from Kadacar (by Stephen)

Here is a letter I received from Stephen Okurut who is sponsored by several sponsors allowing him to receive his Masters Degree. He is a upcoming leader in the the Koreng area we serve and his heart if for children’s education. Stephen is a personnal friend of mine.

“I salute all of you in the Great name “Jesus Christ” I love all of you like the way Christ loved the church, each one of you plays a very important role in Kadacar, Koreng and my life and family am so happy extremely very happy to God and to you for the wonderful working relationship and support that made Kadacar shine as its school. Our motto reads “Rise and shine”. Embrace Uganda and ACEM have made my leadership every recognized and appreciated by every one and I promise to work with you at every level of my work at the district. Rev Michael told me to make a name and the rest will follow indeed Rev. I have done it and as a result it has placed me in a better position at the district as shortlisted now for Inspector of Schools Bukedea district with effect from this month as result I recommend my Deputy Headteacher Akope David will be the Acting Headteacher who will be guided by me and Mr.Okolimong Martin. The purpose was for me to move closer to to the planning desk at the district so that we can build Kadacar together in terms of classrooms and furniture and its possible now. I  appreciate what your great hands contributed and still contributing as Gods Blessings to me and Koreng and Bukedea as whole. I will also work with Martin to ensure that Koreng parish benefits greatly from Education office. The story is long but I attribute this to Gods plan because He knows His people.

Thank you
 Stephen Okurut”

(by Michael)

What is on my mind? Siting in Kamialuk Primary school where we are conducting a medical check up for over 700 children. Thinking of Paige Hamp on her birthday and the best gift God gave us the Okwakols in 2006, of our other family, the Hamps. They came into our lives and through them we have come know and love many who are now the Embrace Uganda family. This blessed bunch of people have helped us to make our return to Uganda very purposeful. I am thinking of Jane, their daughter, who worked hard to raise the money for this medical check up. The story of this little girl has grown from a big story to a great story. I believe God is turning her trauma to her triumph! May God completely get you Jane out of the trauma to see your triumph on the many children who are now getting medical check ups, blankets, uniforms, clean water etc. Your story is making history!!!

God bless you Jane Hamp!

Canceling Satan’s Plans
(by Alyssa)

Satan attempted to destroy our plans today, but God is bigger. Two of our teammates were sick and unable to join us today. They were discouraged about not being able to come, but are doing much better now. At Kadacar we finished up the lessons and the clinic was able to see all the students! The highlight of the day was giving blankets to all of the children. Pastor Michael shared his story of receiving a blanket when he was a child and the effect it had on his life. It was so amazing to give that special gift to so many children.

In the afternoon, we began the mattress distribution. We would walk to each house, pull out whatever old bedding they had, put down the new mattress, and made the bed with new sheets. Stating the process does not even begin to touch what goes on in those homes. Pastor Michael is so great at praying for the people and finding out their stories. The gratefulness and joy of these people cannot be described in words. To see 70 and 80 year old people receiving their first bed is so humbling. You truly see the image of God in these people as they praise God for His provision.