Feeding 657 school children (by Joy)

Yesterday and today we had the absolute honor of providing lunch to the 657 children at the school in Kadachar. Embrace Uganda financially sponsored the ladies of the village to make huge pots of posho (it’s a white cornmeal– looks like a really thick grits– grit patties almost), beans, and what they call soup (which is really just the liquid water from boiling the beans) during our time working at the school this week. We formed an assembly line and handed out plates to one by one to the children. There are no utensils, just plastic plates- that they have to wash and re-use (wash in a bucket with a little soap for the next class to use the same plates to have something to eat off of).

It was a fulfilling experience knowing that most of the kids do not get to eat lunch at school. I spent a lot of the day with Grace and she said they usually only eat breakfast and lunch, not dinner. It sounds like the majority of their diet is rice, beans, pocho, and some fruit/veg when available. However, every last one of the kids cleared their plate and washed it– they patiently waited for their lunch, they were not picky and wasteful. It’s sad to think I’ve enabled certain traits in my children which really isn’t ideal for their spiritual growth. These children have learned to be grateful for what they are given.

I ask for prayer today that I would come back and be able to help our family learn joy and thankfulness. A praise for these precious children and their attitude that inspires the world.

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