The Pathway of Life (by Lexi)

As I am walking through the fields of Uganda giving mattresses to those who are needy. Sometimes there is a perfect pathway for us to walk through to the huts, sometimes not. More times they were bushy, hilly, rocky, trees hitting you or weeds hitting your legs. It’s a good way to look at life. God did not intend for our lives to be perfect other wise how would we bring His name glory for getting us through the rough patches, and the trials and tribulations. Sometimes it is so dark that you can’t find your way, it is cloudy and you are unable to see, but then there is Jesus: LIGHT! The brightest star!

There are also many times when walking to make a delivery that there was no path made so we had to create our own by walking through the corn stalk or making our way through the fields, either way we always found our way. Jesus is the way! Sometimes we have to create our own or take new paths because God decided you needed to move on to the next path of life. There are many times when we have to let go of people or a lifestyle that are only dragging you down rather than building you up, God teaches us lessons each time so that he can prepare us for what’s ahead or a “new pathway”. There is a reason for everything. Each time a door shuts, it’s a blessing!


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