Agape Children’s Village
(by Joy)

Today we are traveling about 5 hours away from where we were ministering at Kadacar to an orphanage called Agape Children’s Village (ACV). There are no babies at this particular orphanage, it is aged from primary 1 (around 4 or 5 years old) til about age 16. Half of our team from a ministry called World Wide 127 split from us this morning and are visiting a different orphanage that has very little babies. We will resume as a full team on Wednesday.

Please pray that we would love the orphans well, see the needs and effectively meet them. Pray that we would show God’s love to them. There will be about 65-70 children that normally only have one mamma taking care of them and a few assistants.

Pray for safe journey as we are at a pit stop roughly an hour left to arrive. Pray for those who have motion sickness to be at ease and also please continue to keep Shaun in your prayers as he juggles the home upkeep and the children.

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