American Ugandan (by Paige)

Please forgive me for taking so long to post but we have had almost no internet access all week. This may have been the hardest week of my life. So many tears this week . . . Joyful tears, heartbroken tears, loving tears, angry tears, hopeful tears . . . But as King reminds me everyday, God’s timing is perfect. We are working to find the children that were “reintegrated” which is a feel good word the large international charitable organization responsible uses. What it means in real life is casting out children that are 11 -18 . . . Sending them to relatives they have never known to be abused yet again or left to fend for themselves. Worse yet they told terrible lies about why these children were being “reintegrated” . . . Labeling the child as the problem when it was really all about money and power. Thank you to the brave adults (also sent away) who helped me find the truth this week. We have found some of the kids who are now teenagers and young adults and their reunions with each other have just taken my breath away as they have laughed, cried and most of all praised God! Together we are on a mission to find as many as we can and then will have a great reunion at the end of the month. Most of all we will help those whose childhood was stolen build a future . . . And just as important, we must also find a way to help those that remain. Please pray for our God to move in a mighty way!!!!! Thank you to all those who have allowed me to be here!!! I love being an American Ugandan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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