“Eyalama” (Thank you) for the Support (by Jake)

Hey all, Uganda is amazing.  Seeing the joy in each of the children’s faces as we arrived at the school has been one of the most fulfilling sights I have ever seen. Even the joy of children waving and yelling “Muzungu” as we drive past them is a breathtaking experience.  AS a first time team member, it has been very evident that Embrace Uganda is a blessed partnership; and it is one that I am blessed to be a part of.  On Tuesday (June 28) morning we provided blankets to the children at Koreng Primary School.  The excitement and cheerful joys were loud enough to warm anyone’s heart.  I also had the opportunity to serve in the Medical clinic this week.  It was convicting to learn the children only see doctors because of Embrace Uganda; which is was only able to be funded at a rate of 1 time every 3 years for each school, until this year.  On Wednesday, I got the opportunity to hand out mattresses, beans, and posho to the elderly and sick.  Little children would be laughing and giggling as they walked down the path behind us.  As we walked down each path and around each hut to hand out the mattresses I couldn’t help but be anxious to see the reactions as each recipient expressed such gratefulness and joy.  The joy I saw in these people is a joy I hope I express daily, reflecting the knowledge and joy I possess from knowing that a risen savior made the ultimate sacrifice for me.  God is moving here and I am blessed to have received the support I did from Embrace Uganda, friends, and family to see it.

Mashed taters and gravy,


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