First Week Impressions (CeCe)

So our first week is about to come to an end and our projects at Kamailuk Primary School are now over.  Thanks to Embrace Uganda, the teachers at Kadacar, Koreng, and Kamailuk primary schools received gifts of appreciation for their work. The soccer game between Koreng and Kamailuk is now on and the trophy is ready to be awarded.  The awarding of the trophy and the closing ceremony will culminate the highlight of this busy day.
The morning was busy preparing the gifts for the teachers and volunteers. This was interrupted by our usual breakfast as well as our worship and devotion.  After breakfast, there was a bit of confusion about whether I would get to help to deliver mattresses or if I needed to stay behind to help finish the gift bags.  I have grown to accept whatever comes with each new day and to work wherever I am needed most. Fortunately, I didn’t have to forego one activity for another.
We took our group photo and boarded the bus for our final day of delivering mattresses. What an amazing time we had to experience the gratefulness and faith of the elderly people we blessed with mattresses,  posho and beans.  In the home of the first woman we visited (Margaret),  she blessed us with a prayer for us.
Though this is my second trip to Uganda, I have had many first time experiences in mission this week. As Pastor Michael puts it, I have come with “new eyes,” and I am looking forward to many more new experiences in the week to come. To name a few of my new experiences, they include seeing new areas of Bukedea District, sitting on the mattresses while riding on the back of the truck, helping with food preparation and doing the dishes at our guest house, learning to play new games with team members, helping out in the medical clinic, and seeing a new secondary school in the making. Now I am anxious to see what the Lord has in store for next week!

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