Clean Water

This gift will help us drill and maintain deep water wells. Many illnesses are water born and deep water wells provide clean water to communities. We partner with local communities to provide clean drinking water.



This gift will help us enable students to receive an education, by providing for high school and college equivalent education costs including school tuition, uniform, room and board. 

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Medical Aid

This gift will enable to provide funding to the Hope Again Medical Center for its operating expenses, as well as support medical outreach clinics that go into our partner communities. We fund needed medications to fight HIV, malaria and many other diseases.

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Greatest Need

Each year we review proposals from our partners in Uganda, Bringing Hope to the Family (BHF) and African Church Empowerment Ministries (ACEM). We work with our Ugandan friends to develop projects that empower Ugandans, avoiding unhealthy dependency and encourage them to invest their time and resources, however modest, in partnering with us.