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Clean Water

This gift will help us drill and maintain deep water wells. Many illnesses are water born and deep water wells provide clean water to communities. We partner with local communities to provide clean drinking water.



This gift will help us enable students to receive an education, by providing for high school and college equivalent education costs including school tuition, uniform, room and board. 

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Medical Aid

This gift will enable to provide funding to the Hope Again Medical Center for its operating expenses, as well as support medical outreach clinics that go into our partner communities. We fund needed medications to fight HIV, malaria and many other diseases.

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Greatest Need

Each year we review proposals from our partners in Uganda, Bringing Hope to the Family (BHF) and African Church Empowerment Ministries (ACEM). We work with our Ugandan friends to develop projects that empower Ugandans, avoiding unhealthy dependency and encourage them to invest their time and resources, however modest, in partnering with us.

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Latest News



5K RUN WALK May9th (5K Info here)


Embrace Uganda Bumper stickers are available for order. 100% of the proceeds go to the children we support! Become part of the EU family and help spread the word!



Mission 2015 Teams forming now. Contact us to find out more.


Save A Child Event was a success!

What We Do


  • To create long term partnerships with selected Ugandan communities that go deeper rather than wider.
  • The ultimate goal is to create self-sufficiency for the communities but this will take generations to accomplish as the needs are so overwhelming.
  • Empower orphans and vulnerable children in targeted communities by providing educational opportunities, thereby increasing their ability to support themselves and meaningfully contribute back to their communities.


  • Provide quality health care for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Facilitate meaningful and enduring relationships with Ugandan orphans and vulnerable children in targeted communities.
  • Partner with or otherwise assist Ugandan community development organizations to accomplish mutual goals.
  • Provide material and human capital for the creation of sustainable economic development in targeted communities.


Since the fall of 2007, Embrace Uganda has engaged in raising awareness and garnering resources to serve the children whom we have met in Uganda. All of our work has been done in partnership with our Ugandan friends and partners who help us to identify and prioritize needs, as we realize that we will not be able to meet all concerns to the extent and with the urgency that we would like to. We were blessed to have AJ and Ana Overton serve as our ambassadors within country for 2 years. They were our eyes and ears, and helped us to communicate needs and progress back to us.