West Coast Team has arrived (by Teri Reisser)

The “West Coast Team” has arrived safe and sound in Kampala!  Paul and Teri, Karin, Laine, Marcello, Christine, Francis, David and Jackie flew from LAX to Heathrow in one very long overnight jump (“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, we know you just woke up but it’s time for dinner now!”  HUH??).  Kristen and Kathleen, who had been cavorting in Paris for a week, joined the rest of us for the 9-hour overnight flight to Entebbe.  Will and Sandy (along with AJ and Ana) met us at the airport.  Ann has been working with Pastor Stephen in Fort Portal for two weeks, so we’ll see her when we drive over to Kaihura in a couple of days, and our team of 14 will finally be all together.
We arrived at Entebbe yesterday morning around 9 a.m.  Some of us were able go to Pastor Michael’s service at Agape Baptist Church, but most of us were so jetlagged we went straight to the famous Olympia Motel (…)
Pastor Michael and Cossy joined us for a late lunch (well, by the time the food actually arrived it was officially qualified as “dinner”).  It is so great to see them again!  As the jet lag began to settle over the group in a way that was not going to be ignored anymore, we loaded in the bus to return to the motel and all went to bed at 8 p.m.  A…rather loud party surged nearby until 2 a.m., but most of us managed to cobble together enough sleep to feel like human beings again this morning.  This is being written as we are all enjoying boiled eggs, some kind of local sausage, pineapple, bread, jelly and tea at the motel.
Soon, the group will split to various activities.  Jackie is meeting with a woman here who will help her launch AWANA in Uganda (go Jackie!), Teri is teaching a seminar this afternoon to a Kampala Crisis Pregnancy Center on how to counsel women after an abortion, and the rest of the group is headed out to Jinja to find the source of the Nile (again).  I’ll try to add another post tonight after our day’s adventures.
We are all feeling very safe (Will made me add this for all you worriers at home).  There is a noticeably greater military presence than in previous trips, but life in Kampala seems very much the hustle bustle that is has always been.  I think all of us will be happy to get out of the city in a couple of days and into the lush landscape of rural Uganda.
Your Humble Blogger,
Teri Reisser

2 Responses to West Coast Team has arrived (by Teri Reisser)

  • We are praying. We are glad you have arrived safely.

  • We prayed for you guys and are waiting to hear more about Awana, the Nile, the Pregnancy Center visit, and more! Glad to hear you’re well and (somewhat) rested.

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